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David and Sharon Myers, owners of Chimney Hill Farm, both grew up in Upper Marlboro and have  spent their lives among horses.    David, who owns and operates Myers Feed, Inc., grew up foxhunting and steeplechase racing.   These days he only rides occasionally but works consistently on the maintenance and development of the farm and also fills in as an excellent ground person. 

Sharon, who has ridden her whole life, has competed successfully in many disciplines including hunters, eventing, foxhunting, and of course, dressage.   She is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist.  A successful trainer herself, her own education has benefited tremendously from the following trainers:

Dr. Cesar Parra, Katie Riley, Linda Zang, Robert Dover, Gunnar Ostergaard, Peter Kjellerup, Walter Zettl and Dr. Volker Moritz.  

Some clinicians she has worked with include Steffan Peters, Jan Brons, Uwe Steiner, Carol Lavell, Sally Swift and Bo Jena.

 Whatever your goals may be, Sharon is deeply committed to safely and enjoyably helping you achieve success!




Chimney Hill Farm has a fun show season planned for spring and summer 2016!  We have a wide variety of shows to include everyone's goals:  young horses, people going for USDF medals, and recognized and schooling shows just for fun.  Some great upgrades are planned for the facility as well, so please come and join us!

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